Chatbots and AI are the future of customer care

One of the first points of contact with the public, for a company, is costomer service. Precisely because of this, it represents a very important bridge between customer and company, which is as important as it is delicate. It turns out, in fact, to be essential to make a good impression right from customer service; after all, as they say, it is the first impression that counts. Providing a great customer experience is an effective way to ensure that a company's image is positive. What would you think of a brand that does not respond or does so inappropriately when a problem is brought to its attention? You would judge it sloppy and probably decide that it does not deserve your attention. That's right...

In this field, we have seen incredible digital transformation in recent years.Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made great strides in this area and has proven to be a very valuable tool for improving customer experience, reducing service costs, and ensuring good brand reputation. The ways in which AI can improve the quality of service and customer experience are many. However, the one that is enjoying the most success and, to date, is the most popular is chatbots.

How Does Customer Service Change With the Use of Chatbots?

Have you ever gone to a product site to report a problem and found the chat dropdown where you talk directly to an operator? Well, very often it could be a robot. Strange that you didn't notice it? Absolutely not, the only thing you might notice is the very quick responses. For everything else, by today's high standards, chatbot responses are articulate and consistent, so you will really feel like you are talking to a person.

A great advantage that comes from using chatbots, is the ability to have continuous assistance, in fact the bot can respond at any time and is able to handle a high volume of requests. What if the chatbot is able to resolve the specific issue? No problem, the customer is directed to an operator who will receive the necessary basic information provided by the bot prior to the interaction with the user.In this way, the agent also has an advantage and this will have the necessary information ready, so as to better focus on solving the problem.

Will Robots Replace People?

This is a philosophical problem far older than the latest generation of chatbots. Although the use of AI in businesses has increased incredibly in recent years, we certainly cannot speak of replacement; we are far from that reality. In fact, we need to think of AI technologies as helping people in business.

We have already seen how the bot can help the customer service agent in collecting information. In addition, the bot can also make the agent's work more efficient by analyzing and classifying emails to direct them to the right department. Thus reducing response time and ensuring problem resolution.

Another interesting feature of chatbots is the ability to resume the conversation at any time, thanks to the automated use of databases, without the need to call the call-center back and reexpose the problem to be solved.

Benefits of Chatbots

So, to recap, here are the main benefits of using chatbots well in a customer service department:

  • Speed of responses and problem identification and resolution;
  • Understanding of customer needs and interests to support a customer-centered approach;
  • Automation Of Repetitive Processes resulting in redeployment of resources on strategic activities.

And how have you thought about handling your customer service?